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Bondi sands: i hate you. After spending $40 on the foam and spray, following directions, i look exactly the same.
First of all, why do tans only come in light or dark? What sane person would spend $20 to put on a light tan, which is so light, it actually makes you a shade lighter-not darker.
So i bought the dark shade in both. After using the dark foam all over, and letting it set in for 2 hours (it suggest a minimum 1 hour), i jumped in the shower for less than 30 seconds to rinse it off, as the directions say: and it washed off ALL my tan.
So i go to plan b. spray on tan, dark. I did a small patch on my foot, it looked literally black. And although the bottle clearly says: wash off, i still have a black spot on my foot. And im not talking black like beautiful african americans, im talking black like ive rolled in a patch of glue, then dirt, and theres no way this sucker is coming off.
The frustrating thing: i was really happy with how easy it was to put the foam on evenly, and the colour it was before i got in the shower. I know what your thinking: so just dont get in the shower? It leaves you feeling sticky, and looks dirty and is supposed to get darker, the longer you leave it on. It suggests to leave it on for a maximum of 6 hours, so i do have the theory, that if you leave it on for that long, it wont wash off. But who has 6 hours to sit around the house naked? If you put clothes on, it rubs off, if you lay down, it rubs off.
So not impressed

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